Wastewater Networks

Wastewater modelling supports the analysis of our wastewater networks, critical to the health and wellbeing of communities and to the effective operation of all statutory sewerage undertaker’s assets. As well as planning, modelling and designing wastewater networks for new developments, Waterco works with partners to model the impact of potential foul water flooding and design methods for preventing this.

Wastewater modelling helps address both existing and future needs: providing the information needed to help understand the network capacity, its ability to support future developments and provide intelligence that can suggest operational improvements (pumping regime, pipe upgrades etc). Where there are problems in the network (blockages, pipe condition, surcharging) modelling can help identify the root cause.

There are many complex processes and variables that impact a system’s performance. Waterco can help develop cost-effective solutions by undertaking wastewater network modelling at each stage of the design process: optioneering, feasibility, detailed design and commissioning. These services can help save time, money and improve asset operation.



The key factors in efficient and accurate network development are:

  • the accuracy and accessibility of the base data
  • engagement with operational staff at the earliest opportunity to gain an understanding of the system and its operation
  • the verification of the network model using field measured data

The Waterco team has considerable experience in wastewater network modelling, from the original non-graphical methods to the current ‘all pipe models.’

Waterco staff who undertake this work are Chartered Engineers with the requisite accreditations and they follow the competency framework laid down by the Chartered Institute of Water Environmental Management (CIWEM) Urban Drainage Group (UDG).  Waterco also use the latest software packages including InfoWorks CS, Infoworks ICM and MIKE Urban.

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