Surface Water Modelling

Surface water flooding can result from intense rainfall events that overwhelm drainage systems.

With the impact of climate change (increased frequency and severity of rainfall events), housing and development pressures within urbanised areas, and alterations to land use management in our countryside, Surface Water Modelling helps in understanding the areas that are vulnerable to surface water flooding

This allows planners, engineers, water companies and local communities to implement appropriate drainage strategies and assess the implications for urban flooding and resilience, sewer network capacity, property flood protection pollution levels, and the resilience of transport and energy infrastructure.

Unlike flooding from rivers, surface water flooding can happen many miles from a river. The Environment Agency publishes surface water flood risk maps, and these can be viewed here.

Community based, strategic Surface Water Flood Maps can then be refined to assess development impact at a local scale. Waterco is experienced in many types of hydraulic modelling, and 2D overland modelling to assess surface water flooding is one of Waterco’s principal services.

Outputs from Waterco’s assessment and modelling supports Waterco’s in-house design team which can then produce a robust and cost-effective drainage system.


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