River Modelling

River modelling – using industry standard software packages including MIKE FLOOD, Flood Modeller Pro (formerly ISIS), TUFLOW and HEC-RAS  – enables the accurate representation of the physical characteristics and associated structures (bridges, weirs, culverts) of a river channel, with estimated river flows (including seasonal/exceptional events) to assist in quantifying the potential extent of floods from rivers and watercourses. Flood extents, in the form of flood ‘maps’, are published on the Environment Agency website, but can be based on the use of generalised models that are always subject to change.

The detailed and site-specific modelling offered by Waterco is used to refine the flood maps. One of the key practical applications of river modelling is its contribution to the planning process by providing greater detail and accuracy around flood risk scenarios and the impact on new development. These models are used to satisfy concerns that a proposed development may increase flood risk elsewhere and help highlight the development’s future sustainability.

Ever increasing model accuracy also provides detailed estimates of flood flow velocities and the associated flood hazard ratings. This is useful for emergency planning and ensuring that a development has safe access and egress in the event of a flood.

Waterco produces 1D and 2D hydrodynamic models of watercourses and the surrounding floodplains, using a range of industry-standard hydrodynamic software packages including MIKE FLOOD, Flood Modeller Pro (formerly ISIS), TUFLOW and HEC-RAS.


These models enable Waterco to predict a range of statistics including:

  • flood depths
  • velocities
  • inundation rates
  • flood hazard ratings

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