Breach Assessment and Coastal

Where there is a new development in an area protected by natural and/or man-made flood defences, the Environment Agency and its counterparts across the UK often request an overtopping or breach analysis to feed into hazard mapping as part of the planning process.  When major flood defence schemes and reservoir proposals are put forward, a breach analysis is required to provide a hazard map of flood risk to the downstream population.

At Waterco we have established an excellent track record of producing site-specific breach assessments to evaluate flood risks to new developments posed by breaches and failures in existing flood defences.

Waterco’s breach assessment and coastal services include:

  • breach analysis
  • river bank breach modelling
  • coastal breach analysis
  • overtopping analysis
  • flood hazard mapping
  • modelling of bank failure scenarios
  • reservoir inundation modelling
  • 3D breach simulation animations
  • flood risk assessment

To carry out a flood defence or bank failure breach analysis, Waterco uses the latest industry standard 1D and 2D flood modelling software approved by the Environment Agency, (EA) Natural Resources Wales (NRW) and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, (SEPA): MIKE FLOOD, Flood Modeller and TUFLOW.  This software simulates the hydraulics of the flow that would breach or overtop the flood defences. With these tools, we can predict the rate of inundation, flood extent and depth of flood water and produce flood hazard rating maps detailing specific flood risk to people and properties.

Waterco can provide the breach simulation results in 3D animations and videos, offering an effective way of communicating the flood risks and hazards to all stakeholders.

Coastal and Shoreline Modelling

The coastline of the UK presents challenges in terms of water management and flood risk. Waterco offers a coastal modelling service to simulate the following complex coastal processes:

  • coastal evolution – sediment transportation and morphology
  • coastal breach modelling – assessment of flood risk due to a breach of coastal defences
  • wave behaviour – in harbours, ports and estuaries
  • beach protection – dredging, reclamation, beach nourishment
  • scour protection – installation of structure (e.g. groynes)
  • shoreline management plans – habitat creation and protection

These Waterco models are beneficial to clients who are planning beach replenishment or protection works, for example:

  • local authorities charged with coastal protection
  • ports and harbours concerned with silt deposition and managing navigable channels
  • developers proposing coastal and waterfront developments.

As well as informing the design process, modelling ensures that such works do not adversely affect adjacent sections of coastline.



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