Waterco offers a comprehensive range of water supply, design and distribution services in the following areas:

  • pipelines, distribution systems and water main diversions
  • water main renewal
  • WIRS – design for self-lay organisations
  • water network modelling
  • surge analysis
  • fire main design

Waterco works with water companies, private developers and other consultancies on a variety of schemes including pipeline design, meter installation and connection details.

Waterco’s design services range from preliminary designs to support bids for work and responses to tenders, to detailed design.

Waterco’s detailed design capabilities include the following:

  • pipelines and connection details
  • design for self-lay organisations
  • pipebridges and anchorages
  • flow measurement meters
  • booster pumps detailing
  • tankering logistics
  • land plans and third party liaison
  • planning and environmental advice
  • risk assessment, CDM and project management



Pipelines, Distribution Systems and Water Main Diversions

Waterco specialises in planning, designing, engineering and management services for pipelines, distribution systems and pumping main projects.

Waterco offers a full range of expert design services in this area including:

  • system flow diagrams and route selection
  • water main diversion
  • ground investigation procurement and geotechnical appraisal
  • design of anchor blocks and thrust blocks
  • pipe components and connection details
  • buried pipeline embedment assessment
  • above ground pipe support and stress analysis
  • piping layouts, hydraulic modelling and surge analysis
  • pump selection and procurement
  • hazard and operability (HAZOP) studies
  • pipeline and pumping main operational reviews
  • trunk main strategies
  • condition assessment and refurbishment planning
  • supervision of testing and commissioning
  • strategic repair stock assessment
  • surge analysis

Waterco’s pipeline design projects have included thrust bores, river crossings, and trunk main crossing connections.

Water main renewal

As water mains age and become unreliable, there is a need to renew which requires careful planning.  Waterco offers this service and specifically the following:

  • feasibility studies
  • detailed design
  • selection of most appropriate materials, sizes and methods, production of layout drawings, longitudinal sections as required
  • connection details, land plans, thrust block design
  • tender documents, Designer’s Risk Assessment, Risk Register, Design Record and calculations
  • geo-environmental assessment
  • client approval reviews and third party liaison such as traffic management notices, environmental permits/ consents, fire service, archaeological and environmental consultations.

Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS)-Design for Self-lay Organisations

Waterco design water mains supply design for WIRS providers, Self-Lay Organisations and Licensed Providers in England, Wales and Scotland. Our specialist team has over 40 years of utility-based experience and is fully accredited in the design of water mains for Self-Lay organisations (SLO) under the Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS). Our Waterco team of Engineers is experienced in providing fully compliant, cost-effective pipeline designs. We can provide bid designs and detailed designs as well as initial scheme layouts and practical and deliverable schedules enabling clients to price schemes accurately for tender bid purposes.

These are in accordance with:

  • Code of Practice for the Self-Laying of Water Mains and Services – England and Wales 3rd Edition and specific water company addenda/guidance.
  • Water for Scotland – 4th Edition
  • UKWIR advice on brownfield sites and contamination and particular water company addenda and guides as appropriate and include: detailed design, review of ground contamination, selection of most appropriate materials and sizes, production of layout drawings, Designer’s Risk Assessment, Design Record and fire and rescue service consultations
  • tender documents, Designer’s Risk Assessment, Risk Register, Design Record and calculations
  • geo-environmental assessment
  • client approval reviews and third party liaison such as traffic management notices, environmental permits/ consents, archaeological and environmental consultations.

Waterco’s bid design includes:

  • initial design in accordance with WRC Self-Laying of Water Mains and services – 3rd Edition, and specific water company addenda/guidance
  • initial layout drawing showing potential route, size and material of water main(s) with valves, hydrants, washouts and location of service connections
  • pipe and fitting schedule listing principal lengths, sizes, materials, number of valves and hydrants
  • estimate to complete the detailed design and obtain design approval from the water company

Waterco’s detailed design for Self-Lay organisations includes:

  • design of water main/s in accordance with WRC Self-Laying of Water Mains and Services – 2nd Edition and water company addenda/guidance
  • liaison with the Fire Service to agree on the number and location of required fire hydrants
  • layout drawing showing route, size and material of water main/s with valves, hydrants and washouts and location of service connections
  • flow and pressure calculations
  • standard details drawing
  • adoption plan
  • design risk assessment summary completion and submission of water company application forms
  • liaising with water company to obtain design approval.

Water Network Modelling

Water network models are an established tool for assessing system performance and identifying improvements.  The primary measures of whether a water service is meeting customer requirements are water quality, water pressure and the number of occasions when the supply is interrupted.

Waterco team members have considerable experience in the use of network modelling, from the original non graphical methods to the current ‘all mains models’ and have been involved in a range of projects where this approach has been adopted for clients including:

  • United Utilities (UU)
  • DwrCymru Welsh Water (DCWW)
  • Severn Trent Water (STW)
  • Anglian Water (AW)

The team also has experience in the use of models to achieve various outcomes including:

  • detailed zonal studies – all mains
  • water main rehabilitation – all mains
  • source to tap models – strategic models water quality – all mains
  • pressure management – all mains
  • water resource balancing – upstream losses
  • surge analysis

Waterco has also worked with modelling packages internationally including with Watnet, Wesnet, Ginas5, EPANET, Strumap, SynerGee, Infoworks and Aquis. We ensure that our Design Department is kept fully up-to-date with industry developments and are always on hand to assist during the design and approval process.

Fire main design
Large public buildings and industrial developments require fixed fire sprinkler installations complying with BS EN 12845.

Also, many new domestic/residential developments now include fire sprinkler installations to BS 9251.  Waterco offers design services for both contexts,

  • concept design, including required flows and duration, type of water supply, point of connection to supply, requirements for water storage and booster pumping
  • early engagement with relevant stakeholders to approve the concept design, as required
  • fire main detailed design, including selection of most appropriate materials, sizes and methods, and production of layout drawings
  • booster pump design, including pump, kiosk/housing and electrical installation specifications and general arrangement drawings
  • storage tank detailed design, including specifications and general arrangement drawings, where applicable

Clients are site owners, scheme developers and service providers including:

  • Ashgrove Partnerships
  • Hydro Utility Solutions
  • Lovell Partnerships
  • Persimmon Homes
  • Redrow Homes
  • RSP Sprinklers Wales.

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