Drainage Systems & Drainage Design by Waterco

Complete drainage design systems by Waterco Consultants. Waterco’s Design Engineers are experienced in foul, surface water and highway drainage design for both existing environments and proposed developments.

We are able to design complete drainage solutions including:

  • detailed design drawings
  • rainfall run-off calculation packages for submission to the statutory sewerage undertaker for adoption (Section 104 Applications)
  • Section 104 and 106 applications

Waterco uses the latest micro-drainage and DH Mike Urban software to establish the optimum design for third party approval.  Where development costs appear to be prohibitive due to drainage problems, we review existing project/scheme designs.

Waterco’s detailed drainage designs can include the following:

Foul drainage

  • pipe sizes, layouts and connections to existing sewerage systems
  • connections to private systems
  • suitability of septic tanks, package treatment plants, pumping stations
  • S185 sewer diversions
  • liaison with sewerage operator for adoption
  • liaison with Environment Agency (EA), Natural Resources Wales (NRW), or Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) for discharge consent4
  • Section 104 and 106 applications

Surface water drainage systems

  • pipe sizes, layouts and connections to existing systems
  • suitability and viability of soakaways
  • alternative sustainable solutions
  • details of how rainwater harvesting might be incorporated
  • flow control specification
  • oil interceptors for commercial developments /car parks
  • connections to existing systems
  • adoption liaison
  • details of discharges to watercourses and outfall design, including liaison with the Environment Agency
  • interface with headwalls and culverts
  • Section 104 and 106 applications

We will challenge drainage authorities or the Environment Agency, (NRW or SEPA) if we consider the limitations placed on a development are unreasonable or inappropriate.  Indeed we have successfully challenged discharge rates for several schemes, using computer modelling to make the case for removing large storage volume requirements from a design – saving developers thousands of pounds.

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)

Legislation requires that new build homes incorporate Sustainable Drainage Design Systems (SuDS) and most councils are now advising the retro-fitting of SuDS as a simple and cost effective way of reducing flood risk.

SuDS are always  considered in Waterco designs to maximise efficiency and effectiveness whilst being appropriate for the client’s development and enabling them to secure planning permission.

Waterco can advise on the best form of SuDS for an area based on the infiltration of the ground and the potential impacts on ground stability.  These SuDS solutions might include one or more of the following:

  • flow input control – decreasing the volume of water entering the drainage system
  • pre-treatment – pollutant removal from surface water prior to discharge to watercourses or aquifers
  • retention – delaying the discharge of surface water to the watercourse by providing storage within ponds, retention basins, amenity lakes and wetlands
  • infiltration systems – building of infiltration trenches and soakaways

Drainage Design Audits

Waterco offers a technical audit service which provides an independent check on designs prepared by others. With our design expertise and experienced Engineers, we are well placed to scrutinise and audit designs presented to us. This provides our clients with a trusted second opinion and peace of mind.  Of course it can also help identify where improvements can be made to a scheme and, in some instances, save money.

SuDS Approval Body (SAB) Wales

New legislation (with the introduction of Schedule 3 of the Flood & Water Management Act) in Wales requires new development to have SuDS approval in conjunction with the planning process.

This means new development must incorporate Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS).

Waterco can advise on the best form of SuDS on a development by development basis.

To find out more about the new legislation, what SuDS options are available, and how Waterco can help, please visit our SuDS website at: https://www.suds.wales

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