Geo Environmental Assessment

Investigating the quality and safety of a piece of land, whether it is the site of an existing home, a site which is to be redeveloped or perhaps about to be bought or sold, is always an important consideration for developers and property owners. Understanding any hazards or risks posed by the land to either the environment or to people, allows for a solution to be developed which will meet the needs of regulatory bodies as well as the owner or developer.

Waterco has extensive experience of planning and delivering large, complex contaminated land projects in a variety of sectors and contexts.  Our multidisciplinary team undertakes comprehensive assessments that comply with legislative requirements including:

  • preliminary high level assessments
  • regulatory liaison
  • environmental due diligence, liability assessment and advice
  • phase I desk studies
  • phase II site investigations and factual reporting
  • geo-environmental interpretative reporting
  • contaminated land risk assessment
  • remediation strategies: options appraisal, management and supervision including tender management and validation

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Environmental Due Diligence (EDD)

Environmental Due Diligence (EDD) is a significant component of the overall due diligence undertaken in support of a transaction, investment, divestment or refinancing of any business.

Undertaken effectively, EDD not only allows the identification of any environmental liabilities that could materially impact the transaction but also highlights areas of environmental performance where value can be added post transaction – e.g. identifying inadequately bunded tanks and preparation of improvement schedules /matrices.

Waterco has delivered a range of EDD projects for legal, financial, industrial and property development clients.  These have included simple single site property and/or land condition assessments through to complex multi-site, compliance audits.

Waterco’s Environmental Due Diligence services include:

  • pre-acquisition and vendor due diligence
  • review of the target organisation’s history and environmental setting
  • interviews with management at the target organisation
  • environmental audit of facilities and operations
  • assessment of environmental compliance against legislation
  • quantification of any identified environmental liabilities
  • input into Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA)negotiations
  • clear cost assessments for each identified liability and assessment of CAPEX for environmental issues.

In addition, Waterco can provide a range of services post transaction ranging from: input to the planning of the priorities for the first few months post transaction, through to liability reduction and assistance with business integration.

Assessing Environmental Impact

Consideration and protection of the environment is high on the public agenda, and whether clients are managing a small-scale local development or implementing national government infrastructure projects, the potential impact of their project on the environment must be assessed and managed.

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a documented procedure which results in environmental statements presenting the details of the assessment, accompanied by straightforward, non-technical summaries of the findings.

One of our Directors is a member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) and is registered to offer Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) through its EIA Quality Mark scheme.

Waterco offers the following EIA services:

  • environmental baseline condition assessments
  • EIA screening
  • scoping studies and preparation of full environmental statements
  • consultation with regulators
  • strategic environmental assessment, sustainability appraisals and assessments
  • expert witness services for planning inquiries.

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