Asset Protection

The provision of clean water and the safe and effective treatment of sewage has significant security implications and, as such, is regulated by the State. Water and sewerage companies have a statutory obligation to provide wholesome water and to receive, treat and dispose of sewage.

Security requirements for water and sewerage sites are specified in Advice Notes from the Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) and the Water UK Standard for Security Arrangements, endorsed by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and the Security Adviser.

Waterco supports water companies in the fulfilment of their obligations under the Security and Emergency Measures (SEMD) Water and Sewerage Undertakers Direction 1998, and has produced plans tailored for specific assets to best protect them and ensure continued supply.

Total Loss Contingency Plans

In addition, Waterco has developed a range of Total Loss Contingency Plans for several water companies, giving them the confidence that, in the event of a partial or total loss of a treatment works, they will be able to provide water for their customers.

These plans are contained in documents drafted by Waterco which support the water company strategy.  The plans have ‘how to use’ sections that supplement the Incident Response Plans to provide an overall Acceptable Level of Response Plan.

Waterco plans have been reviewed and commended in SEMD audits.

Asset Security

Waterco is experienced in assessing the risk category and security elements required for all assets in the water industry.

Waterco has supported water companies in meeting the requirements of the economic regulator of the water sector in England and Wales (OFWAT) in respect of asset security and the SEMD. By using client data, site surveys and information gleaned from interviews with client personnel, Waterco was able to assess risks and threats to asset security and develop a risk-based analysis.  This enabled the water companies to make the most appropriate and cost-effective improvements to their security arrangements, save on capital spending and meet the regulatory requirements.

Flood Risk to Assets

Waterco can provide Flood Risk Assessment and protection solutions for water infrastructure assets to the standard of protection required by the utility, and has undertaken this for gas and electricity clients as well as those in the water sector.

Assessment of the asset can include hydrology of catchment run-off, flow assessment from reservoirs, hydraulic modelling of river and coastal flooding and consideration of all other sources of flooding. Waterco is also able to factor in climate change which is an important consideration not shown on the Environment Agency flood maps.

Waterco can advise on suitable protection solutions, including flood defences, flood routing, passive and active asset protection and resilience.

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