Waterco Team Compete in Tough Mudder 2019

12th Sep 2019

Last weekend, 17 members of the Waterco team took to the Cheshire countryside to compete in Tough Mudder 2019. The event took place in the picturesque grounds of Cholmondeley Castle, just outside the village of Malpas, Cheshire.


Despite being in the heart of the North West, the weather stayed dry throughout the day which made for perfect running temperature. Despite the sun, all team players were covered head-to-toe in mud after completing the course due to the famously muddy obstacles that Tough Mudder is known for such as the “Mud Mile” and the variety of electric-shock inducing obstacles.

The mud was up to 1m in depth at times which made for a physically and mentally demanding course. In spite of this, we are proud to announce that the entire team completed the course! Special congratulations go to Katie Davies, the youngest member of the team at just 15 years old.

Most participants plan to return to Cholmondeley Castle next year for a repeat performance and even though they are still suffering with tired and aching limbs, all agreed a fantastic experience with displays of brilliant team work and fantastic team morale.

Big thanks to our photographers Henry Graham, Tom Agotz, Alan and Gwyn Wilcock .

Waterco Tough Mudder participants:

Additional Team Members:

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