Waterco Pass Water Industry Registration Scheme

12th Jul 2019

Waterco are proud to announce that they have passed the Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS) for the 10th consecutive year. Waterco were first audited in May 2009 and were awarded with a pass and have since retained this status year on year.

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What is WIRS?

Water Industry Registration Scheme operated by Lloyds Register. The purpose of the scheme is to introduce competition across the water services market, meaning that developers do not have to use Water Companies to design and install new water mains, instead this can be done by WIRS accredited companies.

Who requires accreditation?

All self-lay providers and designers who will install or design water mains, that will be adopted by a water company, are required to be WIRS accredited. They accreditation is only provided where high technical, quality and safety standards are present.

Type of clients that Waterco support

All new developments (housing, commercial, industrial) will generally require new water mains. Developers can choose to use WIRS accredited designs and self-lay providers as they are often more cost effective and flexible than the tradition route of going through a water company. Following the installation of new mains, the water company will adopt them and make an asset payment to the developer or self-lay provider. We have supported clients in designs ranging from residential developments through to multi-use regeneration projects and large commercial developments.

To learn more about our work at Waterco and how we’ve helped a variety of organisations, please visit our Projects page which includes details of our work on Liverpool Shopping Park and Rochester Prison and the surrounding area.

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At Waterco our company vision is to improve the world with smart and sustainable environmental and water management.