Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS)

21st Jul 2020

The Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS) is for contractors (and Designers) who provide new connections to the existing water supply or sewerage system. These are referred to as “self-lay” organisations or SLOs.

In order to be WIRS accredited, Waterco undergo technical assessment of our design and project management activities. Today we have successfully passed our annual WIRS surveillance visit/audit with Lloyds Register commenting that; ‘good systems and procedures demonstrated with no deficiencies identified’.

Well done to Raff Whitehead, Michael Spray and all the WIRS team for all of their work over the past 12 months to supporting our SLO clients.

As a Designer, maintaining our WIRS accreditation means that Waterco don’t need to be approved by 22 separate water companies.

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