North West Floods – Can Future Flood Events Be Prevented?

6th Aug 2019

Extreme weather events have dominated the news recently and heavy rainfall over short periods have caused huge problems in the North West of England during the past week.

A rapid build up of water can cause rivers to burst their banks and overflow. If this type of event is met with inadequate and under-maintained drainage systems, the impact on local communities can be devastating.

Severe floods can mean buildings and possessions are ruined, roads are closed and people are displaced from their homes. The human and financial costs can be huge, so careful planning and the implementation of preventative measures are vitally important.

No-one can be sure of the future frequency of such events especially with the spectre of accelerating climate change, however the events of the last week have been a stark reminder to developers and infrastructure planners of the importance of thorough flood risk assessments and robust planning for extreme conditions.

Whilst we can never prevent such events from actually happening, there are lots of things available to help minimise the impact of them. These include installing and maintaining effective drainage systems, flood defence systems, regular assessments and community education. At Waterco we provide flood risk assessments to accurately assess the risks, so that measures can be taken when building or operating in areas that are at risk of flooding.

Floods will always happen but prevention is undoubtedly the best and least costly approach. To learn more about flood risk assessments and how they can help you click here.

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