ICE Wales Cymru – 4th July 2019

8th Jul 2019

Waterco were pleased to co-sponsor the 2019 Institute of Civil Engineers Flooding Conference last Thursday, 4th July.

Professor John Reynolds gave the audience of some 140 delegates a well-researched and wide ranging talk about the North Wales Tidal Lagoon.

John outlined the potential for 2,300MW of renewable energy production in Wales coupled with a significant gain in terms of coastal protection, for which Waterco undertook a hydraulic modelling study to aid benefit cost assessment. John demonstrated, by reference to geological data and recent sea bed geophysics how the site being proposed for the lagoon was land in the middle ages – giving confidence that in engineering terms this project, while ambitious, was wholly feasible. His call for Wales to take the lead in this technology with a North Wales lagoon complimenting a South Wales lagoon was exciting – and he questioned whether the skilled workforce in Bridgend could become involved in turbine production.

All in all a good day of networking and gaining insights into the latest developments in the area of Flood Risk Management.

Other highlights included an update on Welsh Government’s Technical Advice Note (TAN) 15, a specific example sharing Cardiff Council experience of the new SuDS Approval Body, and a presentation about Natural Flood Management, which considered the blockers, as well as the much-discussed, but un-measurable benefits.

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