Contingency Planning for COVID 19

24th Mar 2020

Business continuity plans

Our top priorities are the welfare of our employees, as well as maintaining the high level of service and support for our clients. Steps to mitigate any impact on our services are in place.


As of Tuesday 24th March 2020:


This will reduce the impact of illness on our business on the assumption that not all will be off at the same time. For those that are asked to self-isolate we expect, for the most part, they will be well enough to work remotely.


Project Teams

We are focused on delivering our schemes for our Clients and continuing to work on existing and new work during this difficult time and we will continue to keep Clients informed of the progress on their schemes.


Our Project Managers are continuously reviewing all schemes and updating progress on our internal project management database.  We are liaising with Clients to ensure schemes remain on programme.


If any of our staff become ill, we have robust procedures in place to transfer work to other staff and will inform Clients of any change of personnel.


Information Technology

We have good systems in place to continue ‘business as usual’ albeit with a greater focus on remote working. We have comprehensive contingency plans and technology in place for scenarios such as these, and we regularly test our IT to ensure they operate as expected.


All employees utilise Office 365 which includes collaborative tools such as Teams (audio, video and IM messaging). Our internal IT team is supported by our 3rd Party provider, Navigate IT who have shared their contingency plans with ourselves.


Customer Contact

Our Ruthin office telephone number is serviced by MoneyPenny who have remote working capabilities to ensure all inbound phone calls to 01824702220 are answered, transferred where possible or a message is taken for a colleague to call back.


Plans for meetings & travel

With 90% of our employees working remotely, we are taking proactive steps to promote virtual meetings.


  1. Internal meetings – have all now moved to audio / video conferencing.
  2. External client meetings – To be carried out utilising Video Conferencing, Audio Conferencing or telephone. In the unlikely event that a request to attend an external office meeting is received this will be risk assessed by the leadership team.
  3. Site visits (reactive, critical works) – we will liaise with the client on their procedure to minimise the risk of transmission. Notwithstanding that the work is mainly outdoors, we will strictly implement ‘social distancing’.

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