A Dwr Cymru Welsh Water Project Shortlisted for Best Customer Outcome

7th Jun 2019

We are proud to share that a Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water project that Waterco supported in 2018 has won an award for Best Customer Outcome.

The project – Garregllwyd raw water main flow restriction (emergency mitigation and renewal work) – was recognised at the 2019 Alliance Excellence Awards, hosted by Welsh Water to celebrate projects that have delivered exceptional outcomes for Welsh Water and their customers. Pedr Jones and Martin Masters attended this prestigious event on Thursday 23rd May at the ‘Neon’ in Newport.

Resolving flow restriction into the Garreglwyd Water Treatment Works

So, what did we do? Following the effects of Storm Emma in early 2018, Waterco were part of the Design team tasked with resolving flow restriction Into the Garreglwyd Water Treatment Works, likely due to a blockage within the raw water main.

This risked the security of water supply to customers in Blaenau Ffestiniog, a historic mining town in North Wales.

Clearly this would have had a major impact on many people. Supporting the Welsh Water Engineering Delivery Team (EDT), their framework contractor O’Connor Utilities (OCU) and supplier UTS, Waterco provided design support for the project to enable it to become a reality.

Timing is everything, so the EDT quickly engaged OCU, Waterco and UTS. Within 36 hours a temporary overland supply was installed from Llyn Morwynion to the Water Treatment Works (WTW). Special fabricated fittings were needed to connect at the WTW, and UTS fabricated these urgently and flew them direct from Newcastle to the site by helicopter.

The project posed great challenges, as the route of the existing main passed through Crown land, which is also a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). Waterco have many years experience assisting the planning and design of work within these types of challenging and sensitive environments and were confident the project would be successful and delivered on time.

With these factors in mind, liaison and engagement with other parties was instrumental in ensuring a positive and timely outcome. Waterco provided fast and efficient specialist solutions to a complex issue which required urgent attention.

Waterco provided fast and efficient specialist solutions to a complex issue which required urgent attention. The Welsh Water team helped to prevent the lack of a secure water supply to the clients customers in Blaenau Ffestiniog. Ultimately, this brought huge service delivery, financial and timing benefits to the end customer.

Watertight solutions & retained for further work

Following the successful completion of the reactive works, the clients increased confidence in Waterco’s abilities resulted in Waterco being retained as Designers for further work.

Waterco were then tasked to design the replacement of approximately 550m of the 9” Cast Iron raw water main originally laid in 1975 from Llyn Morwynion. Having carried out similar works on outdated water mains previously and carrying out an assessment on site, Waterco were able to efficiently provide a proposed solution with the means to complete the project effectively.

The scope of the scheme was to lay & test 550m of 250mm PE100 SDR11 pipe within open fields and a disused quarry.

waterco awards

The chosen route crossed field boundaries, dry stone walls, stock-proof fences and watercourses. All pipework was replaced by open cut methods in some extremely challenging terrain.

This reactive and then planned scheme delivered both short term and long-term security of supply to Welsh Water’s customers. DC’NW were delighted to work with a partner who was able to thoroughly assess and suggest suitable resolutions to problems that could have a great impact on their customer base by avoiding these negative impacts.

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